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"Yes, a small day, I'm going to rent out the apartment." Rented out? Why rent out a good ah. "Xiao Qin Tian Yu asked looked puzzled. "Such a large apartment, empty room three or four, do not rent it out more than a waste ah." Qin Xiao Yu looked Heaven, Qin heaven belongs to senior apartments, the house has more than one hundred and fifty square feet, it usually accounts for two two rooms, leaving four rooms wholesale jerseys from china have been empty. "But, sister, ah, I feel strange, but if the bad guys how to do ah rent come." Qin days some reluctance Road, had two live good, nothing can earn some cheap Xiao Yu, but if the there are other people come to live, that is not convenient to make cheaper, so renting, Qin days are absolutely unwilling. "No, Sister will be carefully selected." Xiao Yu said. "That ...... Okay." Xiao Yu Qin days looked like it was insisted, had promised. ...... Gwangju University of Bar Street. One night, begins with four young men and women around the many flooded out, the whole bar street entertainment, everywhere scantily clad beautiful young girls, one in the street behavior among seduce a man, these are mixed in the vicinity of Bar Street chicken, one night out soliciting, many of which are students Gwangju University. A taxi pulled up from a distance, stopped at a bar the door, the door opened, Qin days to go wholesale nike jerseys china down from the car, walked straight to the bar inside, one inside, deafening sound of music will be covered the ears, inside the light is blinking, a young man and woman holding bottles inside writhing on the dance floor, just give the man a woman to earn cheap, surrounded yīn dark corners inside, there are many efforts to firmly stick together men and women sound shen Yin's mouth have been issued to cover up the sound of music, such erosion of the land, bar street everywhere. Qin days glanced around, his eyes fixed on the left hand side not far from a yīn dark place where a white-haired guy sè, a sense of being hugged a xìng woman, a hand xiong ago cuo are girls, rubbing, which makes the woman Jiaochuan again and again, two large white rou, yù ball and call out, looks extremely attractive, looked directly Qin days went. "Grass, A day, how come ah, fast ride!" Qin days to see the boys came and whispered against the side of the woman whispered a few words into her mouth stuffed xiong few notes, the woman immediately they departed smiling. "Mom, what are you swing the goods, and the scourge of female students in wholesale nike nfl jerseys china the." Qin days watching the boys laughed a little, and sat down next to this white-haired little boy called hope, nicknamed crazy, wealthy one, is Qin days most iron man, very yín, swing, favorite is playing female students. "Hey, A day, do you want me to find you a ah, absolutely supple, bed martial arts class, guaranteed to make you yù cents yù dead." wholesale nfl jerseys china Madman yín swing looked Qin Heaven. "Get going, I'm very pure." Qin days straight face looked crazy road. "Go!" Crazy one, suddenly erect middle finger represents contempt. "Yes, I will let you find people who find nothing." Qin days watching madman asked.

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