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"Found, that guy is mixed in with a group of thugs near Gwangju University, a dozen people, called Bald four leading this big circle to wholesale nike jerseys nfl help people to help almost exclusively connected to the business of beating intimidation, in addition to murder, almost do anything. "Heaven Qin looked crazy, paused, then asked:"? Ah days, you do find them. " "Humph! Group of my school today was a son of a bitch yīn, natural looking back." Qin days coldly. "Grass, you actually are they yīn, and paralysis, death wish, actually dared to touch you! **! But we should outlaw the instigation of training qualified personnel to look behind the scenes." Crazy road. "Rules ass, before I, I is the rules, I'm yīn, I would kill them, though he who let him do it, I want attached to them as well as with people who incite them to kill boxing." Qin cold sound Road, for him, who beat him on whom, then find the mastermind behind an ever allowed. "Well, since you have to move them, then I went to hire a dozen small fry to come and help." Madman road, would finish a call, but was stopped by Qin days. "No, the two of us just fine!" Qin Heaven. "The two of us? You're not kidding, they are so many people, we though powerful, but not necessarily play too ah!" Crazy surprise road. "It's okay, you can rest assured, I promise abuse them to death, go, take me to." Qin days against the lunatic road. "Okay, but I want a little guy, so the odds relatively large." Madman road, finished the two have put toward the outside walked out of the bar, the two go crazy over ten cm of iron pipe back, wrapped in a layer above wholesale jerseys nfl free shipping the cloth, so as not to kill people, and wounded is not easy to see. "Come on, one person one!" Crazy road, then the two hit a car, drove toward the street outside the bar. Soon, the car will be out of the bar street, came to an impending demolition of the old neighborhood near the University Gwangju inside, two out of the car, Qin days toward a madman with a small dark roadway around, because here about to be demolished, so there are very few households have a. "Group of guys lived in the alley at the end of a people inside." Madman Heaven against Qin, Qin Tian nodded, secretly clenched fists, feel covered in force, and so on down to let the group of good son of a bitch taste mighty powerful. Soon, they came to the end of the inside lane, where only one people still lighted, there came a group of men as well as women's laughter swing yín charming shen, Yin. They went to the house in front of Qin days, the door was not locked, a push to open, which are surrounded by a bully seventy-eight bald man on the ground cāo, with a plump woman, the woman covered are stripped jīng light, bald man with legs jia waist gung-ho shen, Yin with that bald men are zhua the former two white woman xiong ju big rou, straining cuo rubbing the ball, the lower body of wholesale nfl jerseys from china a woman severely beat a big black hole, silver finishes extremely large mouth smiled, looked at a group of younger brother next to a hard, bonbon, there are two guys can not help directly off down to the woman xi, living a chūn zodiac. "Grass, disgusting, black fungus so happy you are doing, ah, but also group p!" Madman shouted in disgust toward the inside, instantly, everyone seems to immediately toward the two, while consternation, then furious. "Son of a bitch, you who are, dare come in and court death ah!" Bald man from a woman who climbed up, pointing Qin thundered two days, do not wear pants, directly toward the Qin came two days , small fry next day the two men toward the Qin wholesale jerseys nfl also immediately surrounded over. "Yes, we are come to die, but death is you!" Qin days looking bald man coldly, holding iron pipes went directly, go crazy with it.

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