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"Is that you?" Qin days after bald men look like, surprised Road. "Yes, that is who pays to let you come get me, say it, I'll let you, otherwise I will let you regret it forever!" Qin days watching the man holding the iron pipe coldly, his tone is extremely arrogant, bald man had been interrupted very unhappy group of p, and then one day Qin words, are not the wholesale jerseys from china blaze. "You paralysis, brain afternoon was crippled it, I dare come here to arrogance, you think you are, let me say that I said ah, is simply seeking death, brothers, Chao Jiahuo!" Bald look of disdain Qin cold laughed, and immediately ordered his brother to Chao Jiahuo immediately, a fast plane out of the house to put a machete and water pipes, the two men quickly surrounded the Qin days up. "Damn ratio, arrogant, arrogant I dare you to let no return." Bald man looked Qin days yīn ruthless ways, I did not expect to find Qin days to actually be able to find here, also interrupted their group p, so he is very unhappy, was secretly decided, however do not let go easily Qin days. "Humph! Seems that you really are looking for the dead, to give you an opportunity to say who sent you yīn me, otherwise, I will let you in this life lying." Qin Heaven, sounds all the more cold hands in the tightly holding iron pipes, as long as one man said no, he immediately rushed him to go and get disabled. "Ha ha ha ha ...... killing me, kid, your mind really was I a tile shot of brain damage, ah, two people together long hair guy did not hold a small stick I dare to threaten you when you are Superman ah. Humph! tell you, I now give you a chance, either with me one hundred thousand, or to I lick below, otherwise you'll sink river bottom tonight. "bald man sneered. "Is that you think you are, I make you a hands-free so you have come back. Immediately gave us the boss lick below will let you." "Good afternoon, we also played like a dog, actually dare to arrogance, wholesale nfl jerseys paypal pure court death ah." "Boss, do not tell him nonsense, direct kill Well, a smell of dry ru kid, afraid of what." Brother watched several days of disdain Qin, Qin days but did not bother. "Mao no longer homogeneous, ask your mother to know, or how students under How about you, that you have decided to court death, that I do give you your father, crazy, work!" Qin cold day watching bald men shouted , greeted the next sound crazy, and then they quickly toward holding the iron bar greeted bald men away, lunatic also immediate action. "Grass, dare I dried him to death, let him know the fate of the loading force!" Bald man once told his brother road, wholesale nike jerseys paypal naked and carrying a melon on Pilai wholesale jerseys paypal toward Qin days, next two brother also moving sand to Qin days. "Humph! Die!" Qin Tian shouted, shoved, physical speed suddenly accelerated, body side, quickly flashed a knife to cut a guy, but in the hands of iron pipe fiercely toward that guy shoulder hit, did not stay the hand. "Kaca!" Moment, the guy directly Qin Tian stick smashed the scapula, screams fell to the ground, suffering a roll. Qin no time to care about these days, a shot to waste one, followed by a wave again, the hands of the iron pipe rushing toward another Shamao hit, Tian Qin guy saw his shot on the waste it side of a person, startled, recovered, Qin days of iron pipe nearly came to him, did not react, the shoulder instantly smashed directly lying on the ground and roll screams. "Go to hell!" Bald man suddenly furious, melon direct it toward the hands of Qin days cut to his head, not afraid of life and death Qin days. Qin Tian looking knife from his dozen centimeters, Xiangyebuxiang, once a backward, away from the knife, while the body aside an incredible turn, the body in the air sideways toward bald men over there and go, fiercely against the iron hand of foot joints bald men smashed in the past. Qin bald men did not expect to actually be able to make this day a movement, just a moment, the sound of broken bones they rang, Qin days of iron hit on his knee joints, once great terror, Qin days without reserved blow directly to bald men's legs life and life interrupted, not the kind of fracture, but interrupted, the entire bone from the meat directly stabbed inside blood fierce, bald male screams, instantly fell in on the ground, the knife also fell again, while Qin days to complete this difficult moves too heavy hit the ground.

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