Color version, Mmofra adinkra designMmofra means “children” in Akan, one of Ghana’s widely spoken languages.  Akwaaba means “welcome”.

Active since 1997, Mmofra Foundation is a registered non-profit organization based in Ghana.  We are dedicated to enriching the cultural and intellectual lives of all children in Ghana.  We achieve this by supporting creative work which benefits children and ensuring that it has the widest possible impact.

Our Story

Ghanaian writer and educator Efua T. Sutherland was the country’s foremost cultural advocate for children from the early 1950s to the 1990’s.  She played a major role in developing educational curricula, literature, theater and film for and about Ghanaian children. Efua Sutherland presided over Ghana’s ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and was the dynamic  chair-person of the National Commission on Children from 1981 to 1991.

Children participating in the 1980s Children's Drama Development Programme

Photos from Efua Sutherland’s Children’s Drama Development Programme, 1980s

On her retirement from public service, she initiated the Mmofra Foundation in the 1990s as a model creative space for child-centered thought and action, grounded in the Ghanaian child’s cultural and physical environment, and enriched through interaction with the world.

Though she passed on in 1996 before the active stage of our work, she established the foundation’s legal framework in 1992 and lobbied extensively for our objectives.  Most importantly, she endowed our organization with substantial intellectual and cultural resources.

From 1997, we began to realize Mrs. Sutherland’s vision in a variety of ways. We opened up our premises and resources to children from all backgrounds, particularly those within our neighboring communities. With no purpose-built infrastructure, we made the most of the outdoor environment in implementing our early projects.

Within ten years, we had earned recognition as pioneers in models of creativity development for, about and with children. Our past work includes workshops and exhibitions in visual arts, literacy and public health initiatives, book and audio-visual development, active cultural recovery and reinforcement, cross-cultural exposure, and data collection.

Selection of children participating in Mmofra activities

In our 22nd year, we are proud of our strong reputation as informed advocates for children’s cultural development. We have hosted thousands of visits by children and facilitated hundreds of quality interactions with creative partners in a wide range of fields. Our next big step is to design and construct a unique, sustainable child-focused space in which to carry our objectives forward in the years to come. Stay tuned!