Efua Sutherland’s works for children include stories, film scripts, poems and plays, often based on Ghanaian oral traditions, written in experimental styles and used in workshops or stage productions.

Cover of Playtime in Africa, by Efua Sutherland with Willis Bell Playtime in Africa (1960)
Cover of The Roadmakers, by Efua Sutherland and Willis Bell The Roadmakers (1963)
Cover of Tahinta! audiobook Tahinta! and Vulture, Vulture! (1968)
Cover of Ananse and the Dwarf Brigade DVD Ananse and the Dwarf Brigade (1971)
Cover of The Marriage of Anansewa The Marriage of Anansewa (1975)
A page from Playtime in Africa showing a child playing with fabric Children of the Man-Made Lake (2000)
Cover of Voice in the Forest audiobook Voice in the Forest (2006)