The Bessie Head Literature Awards honor the legacy of Botswana’s celebrated writer Bessie Head and encourage the development of local literature.  The competition’s sponsor Pentagon Publishers has established a Bessie Head Series, “devoted to new creative writing in English by Botswana authors”.
In the Children’s Story category, the 2010 award went to Jenny Robson for her story The Right Time.
The Golden Baobab Prize, an African literary award,  recognized three authors from Botswana in 2010.  Mechanic’s Son, by Lauri Kubuitsile won the award for the best children’s book in the 12-15 age group.
On the shortlist for stories written for 8-11 year olds were The Rainmakers of Botalaote by Gothataone Moeng and Lightning and the Thunderers by Lauri Kubuitsile.
Jenny Robson‘s Only the Stones Still Cry was shortlisted in the 12-15 years category.
Lauri Kubuitsile also won the Golden Baobab Prize for best story for ages 8-11 years in 2009, Lorato and her Wire Car.  This book belongs in our July 2011 blog post on African children and the clever toys they make from recycled things!
She is the author of other books for children including Mmele and the Magic Bones.
Other stories by these writers are recognized here.
Mmofra Foundation recomments Lorato and her Wire Car