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Anancy's Family Reunion, by Eva Greene-Wilson Six Ananse Stories, by S. Y. Manu

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This week we’re breaking with tradition: in honour of the recent Anancy Festival 2013, you get two pins for the price of one!
The Anancy Festival celebrates the global importance of Kweku Ananse, the cunning spider-man whose roots lie in West African folklore. This year it was held simultaneously in Ghana, Jamaica and five locations in the US.
Needless to say, Mmofra got heavily involved with the Accra event – check out our full report, which includes some fantastic pictures.
For our pins, we’ve chosen a modern ‘Anancy’ book from a Jamaican-American author and an older ‘Ananse’ book from a Ghanaian author.
Anancy’s Family Reunion is the work of writer and Socamom blogger Eva Greene-Wilson, who hosted the Washington, D.C. edition of Anancyfest.
Instead of retelling older stories, the book creates an original one in the Jamaican tradition. It is available through Amazon in both print and digital formats.
S. Y. Manu’s Six Ananse Stories collects several classic Ananse narratives, and was published here in Ghana in 1993. Like may older Ghanaian publications, it is now a rarity – we found second-hand copies on sale for $40 and over.
Together, these two books show that the Anancy/Ananse tradition includes many different interpretations, and has room for new ones too. That’s just one of the reasons why it continues to thrive.
See you at Anancy Festival 2014!
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