Hot on the heels of our post about Spider Stories, here’s another up-and-coming animation team with its roots in Nigeria.
We looked up Sporedust’s work on Youtube after spotting an interview with them in The Africa Report. Their key video is the short one above. It introduces Chicken Core, which is the team’s flagship creative project.
However, the mysteriously-titled video clip ‘Act 1 stitch‘ suggests Sporedust Media also has an eye on young adult audiences.
Although you can detect the team’s passion for Asian animation in Chicken Core, both clips have a distinct African influence. Here’s what Sporedust’s Shina Ajulo had to say about it in the Africa Report interview.
On their approach to storytelling:

“We want to tell African stories, for Africans. Our children are watching so much derivative stuff. Nollywood copies Hollywood. All the music videos you see of Naija music are just copying what you can see on MTV.”

And on the subject of Chicken Core itself:

“The story itself at its core is African. It’s solid. It has all the characters that African folklore has thrown up.”

Like the creators of Spider Stories, Sporedust are hoping to make their story into a full-length film or a TV series. The race to become ‘Africa’s Pixar’ is on, and we’re enjoying every minute.
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