Josephine Mpongo, cellist
Featured in the wonderfully uplifting documentary Kinshasa Symphony from the Democratic Republic of the Congo , Josephine Mpongo trades in eggs in a Kinshasa market by day, and is a dedicated member of the Kinshasa Symphony after work.
Her husband Albert makes new instruments for the orchestra from local materials.  In the film, he reverse-engineers a double-bass with the help of local artisans.  The passion of the  members of this extraordinary orchestra transcends all the challenges of everyday life in Kinshasa. Please, if you love music – even if you don’t – see this film when you have a chance.

Sujari Britt, cellist

via: From The Top, Inc

Sujari Britt is only ten and has already made a name for herself as a cello prodigy in the United States.  She has played in Carnegie Hall and at the White House.
Cellist Kevin Olusola

via:On Point Radio

This blog is a huge fan of Kevin Olusola, an accomplished saxophonist and cellist who blends classical, jazz and hip-hop music to create a unique sound.  The world loves his beatbox adaptations. His official website will be here when it’s done, but in the meantime go on over and like his facebook page .  K.O. was an accomplished musician by age 12, and a nationally recognized performer throughout his teens.  Born in the United States to parents from Nigeria and Grenada, Olusola  is a graduate of Yale University and has studied in China.
In this beautiful contemporary dance routine,  virtuoso Yo Yo Ma collaborates with hip-hop dancer Lil Buck.
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