Our resident cultural treasure, Auntie Ama Buabeng, treated the members of Mmofra’s Language Club to her dramatic, interactive storytelling performance on August 2oth 2011.
On that same day, almost eight thousand miles away in San Francisco, USA,  storyteller Kirk Waller was scheduled to perform at the Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD).
These uncoordinated yet closely related events are a wonderful testimony to the global reach of storytelling traditions across the African Diaspora.

Auntie Ama of Mmofra Foundation tells a story, joined by Awula the resident dog!

In Accra, master storyteller Ama Buabeng interacts with children at Mmofra Foundation. Photo credit: B. Afful

At Mmofra Foundation we give children an enriched cultural experience similar to children’s museum programming in other parts of the world, through performance, reading, art, crafts and play. Master storyteller Ama Buabeng is often on hand to demonstrate the indigenous version of an art form that continues to thrive in many places around the world.
Most of our sessions take place in a simple outdoor environment.   We hope to have some indoor space as well soon!
Storyteller Kirk Waller performs at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco

Kirk Waller. Photo credit: Van Waller/I Am Unlimited Photography

MoAD’s Folktales across the African Diaspora is an interactive program series for children and their families of storytelling, performance and crafts from Africa, North America, South America and the Caribbean.  The storytelling arts and folktale figures of Ghana are an important part of this heritage.
The Museum’s  program for Saturday August 20th 2011 featured Kirk Waller with a performance of tales from Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and the American South, followed by craft activities.