Andrew Adansi-Bonnah, 11 year old Ghanaian boy launches campaign to help Somali children

11 year-old Ghanaian boy Andrew Adansi-Bonnah. Photo credit Francis Kokutse

Edward Adansi-Bonnah is definitely a Kid Who Inspires!
His Save Somali Children From Hunger campaign to raise funds for the drought crisis in Somalia has captured world-wide attention in a very short space of time.
Andrew is an 11 year-old Ghanaian boy with an original and courageous idea – to walk from office to office in Accra collecting pledges towards his ambitious goal of raising 20 million cedis.
What motivates him?  He is reported to have said,
“There is no point for others to have so much to eat while others have nothing to eat. It is not right.”
Andrew is a Primary school student at  Class Peter Memorial School in Bubuashie, Accra.
He started his campaign on August 1st 2011. By the end of the month, Andrew was on his first trip outside Ghana at the invitation of the African Union, to attend a conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  The event was held in support of the humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa which has affected over 12 million people, many of whom are vulnerable children.
Andrew Adansi-Bonnah, ii year old campaigner in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Andrew Adansi-Bonnah at the African Union, Addis Ababa in August 2011

UNICEF reports that although he was too small for the podium, Andrew held his own amongst African leaders and the international delegates, ambassadors, journalists and guests who came together to lend a hand in response to the crisis.
Many participants at the conference recognized him instantly in his orange T-shirt and congratulated him for his efforts. He has already collected over $4000.

With the world watching, Andrew is challenging African leadership as well as businesses in Ghana and the Ghanaian public to think about active philanthropy in new ways.

Andrew is a confident, creative thinker and a natural leader.  He has raised the profile of his school and country, and has made his parents proud.   We are sure to be hearing more about him.
Ayekoo! (Well Done).
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