Young girl with "Akwaaba means welcome" speech bubble


Welcome to Mmofra Foundation’s brand new blog! We hope you will join us in making this a child-friendly online “marketplace” where everyone comes to exchange ideas, news, resources, and accomplishments worth celebrating.

In addition to writing about our own activities, our bloggers will be searching throughout Ghana, Africa and around the world for information to share with you!
We will have content for children, teenagers, and young adults and the grown-ups who live, play and work with them.  We hope you will keep visiting this blog to get a “global Ghanaian” perspective on books, play, art, inventions, design, and other great work geared towards children.  Once we get going, look for icons which will serve as guides to blog posts for different age groups.
Your contributions are important to the success of the Mmofra Foundation Blog! Our team will soon be looking for some young correspondents to help us showcase children’s creative work. If you are interested in joining us as a guest youth blogger, please contact
We look forward to the growth of our new online community!