boy at Mmofra Foundation end of year party

At Mmofra Foundation end-of-year gathering 2011. Photo Credit: Jessica E. Longdon

In 2011 we launched a website, started a facebook page and began to tweet!
Our social media buttons are (we think!) African originals which incorporate the adinkra symbols Sankofa (twitter) and Ananse Ntontan (facebook) – find their meanings here.
We followed the lead of others in incorporating Akan words on our home page.
Our small blogging team committed itself to posting all sorts of content which we hoped would be of interest to children in Ghana and the people who care about them everywhere.
We have a flickr group called Playtime in Ghana to which the public is invited to share photos, and a growing list of recommended children’s literature on our tumblr booklist.
Many people deserve a heartfelt Aseda (Thanks) for the big and small roles they played in helping us along our journey to a successful online presence.  You’ve all been personally acknowledged, but we must give special recognition to Rachel Phillips,  who has given more of her time and talent than we can ever hope to repay, and Mark Root-Weber for his unstinting technical support.
On Twitter, those who have been more than simply followers or the followed include children’s author Eloise Greenfield and green museum specialist Sarah Brophy who have been graciously responsive and encouraging. We discovered Summer Edward’s excellent Anansesem e-zine for children through Twitter as well.
A chance encounter on Twitter led to a blog post about our Playtime in Africa Initiative. picked up here and here, and voted one of the best Urban Design posts of 2011 on This Big City.
Twitter communities on Children’s Literature, Play, Design, Natural Environments and the Arts in Africa  have all been enormously inspiring.
For responsiveness on Facebook, we want to recognize Robin Riskin, who, with her Ghanaian partners, has been involved in some great cultural placemaking this year.
Thanks for the follow, TEDx Dzorwulu!  It was very exciting to discover that there was a TEDx event in our own neighborhood on December 10th.  Look out for us at the next TEDx!