Achimota students outdoors at Mmofra Language Club session
Many of us have stories to tell, but how often do we find the courage to put pen to paper and share them with others?
In celebration of Dr. Efua Sutherland’s birthday, Mmofra Foundation held a writing workshop encouraging young authors-to-be to do just that. 65 students from 7 schools around Accra enjoyed an afternoon of activity and discussion with Prof. Abena Busia of Rutgers University and Prof. Ama Ohene of the University of Ghana…as you will see below, these budding writers are keen to show that children make wonderful storytellers!
Achimota students writing at Mmofra Language Club session
We were also delighted to welcome Prof. Busia’s university students from Rutgers, who joined us as a part of their study abroad program. Many thanks to Nancy Musinguzi, who shared her snapshots from the afternoon with us!
Study abroad group from Rutgers at Mmofra Language Club with Dr. Esi Sutherland-Addy
University students engage with Achimota students at Mmofra Language Club
Achimota students at Mmofra Language Club session
photo credit: Nancy Musinguzi

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