Our Work

The Big Picture

If it’s about thought, creativity, design and action which expands the cultural and intellectual development of children in Ghana, we pay attention!

Our encouragement may take the form of providing inspiration, physical creative space, direct interaction with children, collaboration, information, advocacy and hands-on involvement in developing models or incubating new ideas.

Various Mmofra Language Club participants

What we do

We seek out and work with people who excel in a wide range of creative fields through which children in Ghana can grow culturally and intellectually.  From our premises, we bring our creative partners into contact with children from all backgrounds.

  • We provide enabling environments for child-centered research and creativity.
  • We conceptualize and develop books, audio-visuals, art exhibitions, literacy initiatives, theater arts programs, and creative messaging for social/health initiatives.
  • We incubate projects which benefit children and share our successes.
  • We monitor cultural trends affecting children, including new technology and media.
  • We maintain an extensive network of resources in culture and education in Ghana.
  • We provide consultancy services in culture, education, literacy and creative content for children generally.

our project highlights

Playable Markets

In partnership with Healthbridge Canada, UNHabitat and the Foundation for contemporary Art, we’ve implemented two …

Language Club

Our free club meets in a natural environment and exposes children of all backgrounds to excellence in Ghanaian, African and world cultures.

Bell Photo Archive

We educate children through our archive of unique photographs which tell a visual story of modern Ghana.