Little Girl ReadingIn continuous operation since 1997, the monthly Language Club is a unique literacy-based program for multiple age levels. We provide a safe, inspiring green space and access to a carefully selected library of quality books for children of all backgrounds.
Welcomed individually or in groups, our children are drawn primarily from the closer neighborhoods of Ablenkpe, Kotobabi, Dzorwulu and Achimota, but also from the whole of greater Accra.  We have also done some outreach outside Accra in Cape Coast and Ada.
Each free session is complemented by Ghanaian oral tradition specialists and includes a special presenter interaction with someone who has mastery in a field of cultural and educational interest.

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Natural Environment

We hold our sessions with simple facilities in the open air whenever possible.  For many of the children who attend, this is a rare opportunity to appreciate a restful natural environment.  Our vision for developing urban green space as a permanent home for our programs is in development.

Core Activities

Our objective is to bring together groups of children, parents, caregivers and professionals for the purpose of improving the quality and sensitivity of child-oriented  activity, and to encourage children to feel the joy of their own development.
The language club is a place for children to read and enjoy selected quality books which are not readily available in the country.  Following the book session, our resident traditional arts specialists lead exercises in skills and confidence building.  From world renowned writers, celebrated artists and performers to local artisans, our wide network of accomplished guests  provide exposure to excellence in Ghanaian, African and world cultures and encourage creative expression through
language, art, writing and movement.

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The structure of this program ensures that we always have a stable group of children to help us with developing creative content.  Language club members have enthusiastically taken part in our audio-visual and dramatic productions.  Ranging in age from about 4 to 16, the children test our ideas, provide their own, delight us constantly with their spontaneity and give us important  feedback on what works.

Reading Exposure, Reading Skills

One of our main goals has been to bring quality reading books and gentle literary guidance to children, many of whom have not had such opportunities.  Our library consists primarily of a growing collection representing the best in children’s literature from around the world. We choose our books with care, sensitive to the importance of content which references the experience, environment and heritage of children in Ghana but also encouraging their imaginations to soar.
Our observations of uneven reading and language skills in the 9 to 16 age group prompted us to spin-off a reading clinic initiative to address this serious need separately.  In consultation with the Ghana Education Service, we now hold periodic clinics, supplying students and teachers with free working materials and access to good books.

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A Learning Experience

We constantly experiment with a variety of experience to capture and hold on to the attention of children.  We try to achieve a multilingual balance between English, Twi and Ga primarily, and to monitor the interaction between different age groups.  Each session is an opportunity to discover a new talent or challenge to solve.

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Books have a difficult time competing for scarce resources with food, shelter, clothing, health costs, transportation and school fees.  If they are not required text books, they fall even lower on the list of priorities.   Though the last 10 years have seen a significant increase in nationally or internationally inspired literacy drives, there are still very few children in Ghana who benefit from stimulation through exposure to examples of excellence in writing and illustration for children.
Yet the importance of seeing their worlds reflected in print is a reinforcement of value that cannot be overemphasized.
Our objective is to have in the Mmofra Foundation Library a collection of the best children’s books we can find.  Our criteria are not rigid, however we are very careful in making our selections.  Exceptional illustration, creative layout design, cultural links with Ghana and Africa including the African Diaspora and reputable awards signifying literary excellence from any part of the world will get our attention.  With the advent of social media, the hunt for books has become much more exciting!
Aware that the children’s book industry in Africa still has a long way to go, we  lend particular support to Ghanaian,  African and African-inspired writers, illustrators and publishers for children.
Learn how you can support the book collection.
We like organizations that are doing great work in bringing books to children around the world!

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