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Audiobook pioneers

In collaboration with Afram Publications Ghana and the Estate of Efua Sutherland, we have led the way in  locally produced audiobooks for children with Tahinta!  A Rhythm Play for Children in 1999, followed by Voice in the Forest in 2006.

These unique products are both rooted in the Akan storytelling tradition.  Featuring authentic narrative voices, rhythms and music, our audiobooks are good examples of English read aloud for Ghanaian children.  They have been enthusiastically received in Ghana: Voice in the Forest, now one of Afram Publications’ top-selling children’s books, was chosen as the May 2010 selection for the JoyFM Read 100 Club.

Your donation enables us to continue bringing out our line of audiobooks.  These are great additions to personal, school and public libraries and community literary programs everywhere!

Voice in the Forest

Cover of Voice in the Forest audiobook

TOYOTA/CLiF Best Children’s Storybook Illustrator Award 2009

Listen to a sample from Voice in the Forest!
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From the important literary legacy of Ghanaian writer Efua  Sutherland comes this picture audiobook in which the voice of positive cultural values  and respect for the natural environment is framed by the charmingly rendered drawings of architect and award-winning illustrator Ralph Sutherland.

Audio narration and music

Abena P.A. Busia is a celebrated Ghanaian poet and professor of literature.  Her dramatic narration under the direction of Esi Sutherland-Addy bring the characters of the story to life over a background of  original musical composition by Kojo Essah and Yaw Ediko of Takashi Music, a group specializing in the fusion of traditional African percussion instruments with guitar, trumpet, saxophone and voice.  The resulting score is uniquely whimsical and delightful.

Prof. Abena Busia

Prof. Abena Busia. credit: AWDF

Kojo Essah, lead singer of Takashi

Kojo Essah and Takashi. photo credit: Daniel Brown, RFI

Book design and audiobook production

Design Team:  Amowi Phillips; Virginia Baxter
Audiobook production:  Amowi Phillips; Shri Saluji; Esi Sutherland-Addy


Cover of Tahinta! audiobook

Listen to a sample from Tahinta
First published as Tahinta! and Vulture Vulture!  Two Rhythm Plays for Children by Efua T. Sutherland, the audiobook edition illustrated by Edmund Opare is an irresistible invitation to join the young narrator as he moves the story along with the encouragement of the chorus.
The children of Mmofra Foundation’s Language Club perform the audiobook version, featuring Nii Noi Osuteye as the boy, Maria Bossman as the father, and a group of Language Club members as the chorus.
The Adehyeman Group provides the percussive beat which carries the story.
With the paced tempo, instrumental demonstrations and sampling of traditional children’s songs, this audio-book is accessible to all children in the 4 – 9 age group.

Other Audio-Visuals

Cover of Ananse and the Dwarf Brigade DVD
Ananse and the Dwarf Brigade is a children’s play by Efua Sutherland which has been performed by the Mmofra Language Club at various venues under the direction of Sandy Arkhurst.  The DVD version was produced in 2007.

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