We invited a group of young Mmofra Foundation members to contribute their own ideas to the Playtime in Africa design charrette. After all, the park and library will be for them.
First of all, we invited them to come up with a definition of a charrette they could relate to…

Charrette definition

What does 'charrette' mean to you?

“A charrette is an intensive design and planning process which brings together people from different backgrounds to explore ideas for a particular site.”

Their input in gathering ideas and documenting the event was invaluable. You can see the outcomes of  these brainstorming sessions in our gallery of notes and sketches from the charrette.

Teenagers brainstorm at the Playtime in Africa charrette

Brainstorming about music features

Teenagers brainstorm music features at the Playtime in Africa charrette

Capturing ideas

Elisabeth Sutherland records a Playtime in Africa session

Recording the charrette discussions

Day two of the charrette coincided with a Mmofra Foundation session, giving visitors a glimpse of the energy and creative play the Playtime in Africa project is all about.
Schoolchildren enjoy a Mmofra session during the Playtime in Africa charrette

What it's all about - a Mmofra session during the charrette

Youth facilitator Elisabeth found time between directing sessions of Summer Shakespeare Ghana, a Mmofra sponsored project, to animate the teen design huddle and lead the report-back .  Mmofra alum David dropped by to help out as well.

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