fishermen paddling a canoe

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As Fishermen Go To Sea
They grip, they lift their paddles,
They rise a little, they raise a song,
They settle to dip their paddles
Deep in the heaving sea,
They heave off shore, away and away
from the strand of sand,
Away and away
From the tiptoe standing town
From mothers, children, friends.
May they return
May they return
May they return
To mothers, children, friends,
Gripping and lifting their paddles,
Rising a little, raising a song,
Settling to dip their paddles
Light in the white-foam sea.
Efua T. Sutherland
Reproduced with kind permission of the Estate of Efua T. Sutherland.  No part of this poem may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing.

  1. Where is this lovely poem from?? I’d love to share it!


    1. Hello Becky!
      The poem is from Ghana. Please see our “Poets and Poetry” tag for more children’s poems. For the moment, do share the link to our page.


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