For our October poem, we’re inviting you to visit the African Poetry Anthology, where you will find the poem Bonwire (bon-wee-reh), written in Twi and translated into English by Nanahene Djan.  We found a picture to go with it.

Bonwire Kente Weaver, Ghana

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The father figure in the poem is a master weaver much like the one in this picture.  He composes his intricate patterns with love, patience and wisdom.  Each color of thread has a special meaning.
Bonwire  is a lovely poem to introduce to children.  It sounds best in the original Twi, but the English translation works well too – scroll down the page to find it.  Here is Bonwire by Nanahene Djan.
The African Poetry Anthology publishes poems in African languages. Do go over and give them a like on Facebook.

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