Since our post about the Nima Mural Painting and Art Workshop on July 23rd, we’ve been anticipating photographs of the finished artwork!
Nima: Muhinmanchi Art has the support of a number of very successful artists, including Larry Otoo, a Mmofra Art Exhibition presenter. Project coordinator Robin Riskin tells us that the program went so well, the organizers are working to make it an annual event in the community!
Via Robin’s blog Art Worlds in Ghana, we can share a link to the Nima Muhinmanchi photo album. A few of our favorite images are below:

Children at Muhinmanchi Art event
Some of the young painters. photo credit: Robin Riskin


Child painting at Nima Muhinmanchi Art event
A young artist at work. photo credit: Bank.foto


Part of the finished mural, Muhinmanchi Art event
Part of the finished mural! photo credit: Robin Riskin

Our congratulations to the Junior Art Club and community supporters for this vibrant project!

  1. These great projects by the Junior Art Club needs all supports and encouragement. Well done to all the JAC artists.


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