Mmofra Foundation article on This Big City
How did the debut article about Mmofra Foundation’s new Playtime in Africa Initiative fare online?  First, we have to thank Joe Peach of This Big City, who featured us during his series on “Urban Innovations+Africa” from September 12-18.
The feedback has been resoundingly positive, particularly after “Designing Cities with Children in Mind” was picked up and featured on two other widely referenced blogs, Sustainable Cities Collective and TheCityFix.
There’s more!  On September 16th, we made it as a “pick of the Picks of the Week” for Urban Development and Accessibility on TheCityFix.
Social media response to Designing Cities With Children in Mind
Our favorite Twitter response came from Public  Workshop. (#yesyesyesyes!)
The Playtime in Africa Initiative is now on Green Streets, a topic populated with thoughts, ideas and dialogues on urban revitalization, smart growth and neighborhood development (thanks, Moss Yaw Design Studio!)
“Designing Cities with Children in Mind” continues to circulate online, and we are excited to share further ideas on sustainable, child-centered urban development that resonate with the global community.

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