At Mmofra Language Club, you might find yourself sitting under a tree and talking to a famous Ghanaian poet, listening to a live reading of a new African children’s book, or learning how to perform confidently in public with a master storyteller.
On August 20th, the 62 children who came for the session learned about xylophones from Mr. William Diku, a choreographer with the internationally recognized Ghana Dance Ensemble.

Mmofra Foundation August 2011 session

Hands-on music at Mmofra language club August 2011 session. Photo credit B. Afful

The interaction involved an explanation of how the instrument is put together,  with wood, calabashes, string and hide making up the various parts.  Mr. Diku explained that the xylophone is a truly African instrument, traditionally from the Upper West region of Ghana and also other West African countries like Burkina Faso, Guinea and Senegal.
He demonstrated its versatile range from traditional music to rap and encouraged children to make their own music!
Trying out the xylophone at Mmofra Foundation

Playing traditional instruments at Mmofra Foundation. Photo credit: B. Afful

Mr. William Diku, choreographer and instrumentalist, Ghana Dance Ensemble

Mr. William Diku, choreographer and instrumentalist, Ghana Dance Ensemble. Photo credit: B. Afful

Mmofra Language Club sessions are held about once a month at No. 2 Forest Avenue, Dzorwulu, Accra.  Forest Avenue intersects the 37 – Motorway road at the Abelenkpe traffic light.  Every child is welcome.  Upcoming sessions will be announced on our Facebook page.