Nelson Mandela at 93 with family member

Nelson Mandela with great- granddaughter Zama in Kweku Mandela's film. Image courtesy:

Mmofra Foundation wishes Madiba a wonderful 93rd birthday!
Madiba is Mr. Mandela’s clan name.  He is also sometimes called Tata, which is a respectful name for a revered father figure.
July 18th is International Nelson Mandela Day.
We also wish to highlight The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund which aims to build a rights-based movement that gives voice and dignity to the African child.
We learned that Mr. Mandela’s grandson Kweku Mandela is making a documentary film called Mandela’s Children, featuring the world’s most highly respected elder in conversation with his grand-children and great-grand-children.

What You Can Do

“Make every day a Mandela Day“.  Choose your Mandela Day deed from one of these 67 ideas.
You’ll find a children’s page on the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund website called Madiba’s Kids Club.  You can even send your own question to Mr. Mandela!

Nelson Mandela with children

Madiba and children. Image courtesy

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