Institute of Planners to promote waste management - Ghanaian Times
We found this on a trawl through the Ghanaian press. It’s good to see planners pushing a sanitation agenda, and linking it to Ghana’s increasing prosperity. More wealth often means more waste.
Boring? Well, perhaps. But better waste management means cleaner streets and public spaces. That means more opportunities for outdoor play, and safer environments in which to do it. And that’s what we’re about.

“Institute of Planners president Dr Stephen Yirenkyi … said Ghana is about to become a full middle-income country … which naturally would lead to the generation of more waste – domestic, commercial and industrial.”
“Mr Alfred Kwasi Opoku, a member of the institute … said sanitary reform made more sense than economic reform because the most important developmental indicator was not the height of the skyscrapers but the extent of the wellbeing of the people.”

Credit: The article comes from the Ghanaian Times, but isn’t archived online.